Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue Bonnet - McCalls 5129

Let's just say, next time I'll just buy one!!!

(This was a horrible, horrible project!  I learned about making bonnets at the Living History Conference at TITP last year -- didn't seem so bad.  I don't know what I did wrong with this bonnet.  Maybe I cut out the wrong pieces because they just didn't seem to fit correctly together.  I can't really remember because I started this almost a year ago. You can see I've been procrastinating.  You're only getting one picture because it's so bad.  I started with the intent to do the whole thing by hand, but when the materials got so thick, I pulled out the hot glue gun.  Hot glue just isn't very forgiving.  So much work to end up with something I'm not that satisfied with!  Oh well.  Maybe I can make one again someday when the kids aren't so little.)

2/12/11:  I just found someone who made this same bonnet out of cardboard and duct tape!! They give all the pros and cons aboutmaking it this way, too.


Amanda said...

I love the color and it looks pretty. Glue gun, really? That's funny.
My favorite pioneer bonnet pattern is the holly hobby costume bonnet. I love how big it is and very simple. I admire the complexity of this one you tried.

Carolyn said...

Did you use view A or B? What did you use for stiffening--bonnet buckram? Did you use wire in the edge near the face?

It is lovely--I've been wanting to make one in black wool worsted. and

Emily said...

Hi Carolyn! I used view B. Yes, I used buckram, but JoAnn's only had the thinner kind so I doubled it up. Yes, I used wire all the way around. I couldn't find millinery wire, so I used florists wire of the same gauge and just twisted it together end-to-end so it was long enough. GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll do a much better job than I!

Linda said...

i just tried making this bonnet myself and also ran into problems with the pieces not fitting together. I am a very experienced seamstress and a professional costumer. I discovered that putting in the lining that was cut on the bias was a nightmare. I recut the lining on the same grain as the exterior fabric worked much better. I also was out of buckrum so I used Plextex interfacing instead. I found I did not need the wire for the edges and when finished, I had a nice bonnet that did not lose its shape if crushed. AND if need be I can hand launder it if I need to without it warping like it would with buckram.

Emily said...

Oh Linda! I'm glad to know that I'm not just an idiot! I couldn't figure out why that was so difficult. If I do give it a go again someday, I'll remember your tips. Thanks!

Lady D said...

I've made a 'hat' before with gummed brown paper, paper covered craft wire and felt so cardboard and ductape isn't far off.


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