Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dress Rehearsal at TITP

Of all people you'd think I'd be ready for "dress rehearsal" day at TITP. But no, I found daughter needed shoes, my petticoat was too long, my skirt too short, the baby needed something warm, I needed a shawl. Good thing we had a dress rehearsal! Now I can finish up our outfits.

Today was fun because I got to meet the other employees and volunteers at the Andrus Halfway House. We got to talk about and review our facts about the house, eat lunch, and ride the train.

In addition to the materials from TITP on the house, I found the Andrus Family Website to be delightful. TITP has verified the info they've given to us, so hopefully they can also validate some of the family info sometime. I've found the wives info and the family newsletter most beneficial. (The Feb. 1983 newsletter has info on the house & March 1970 has biographies on Lucy.) Also, Milo's autobiography was fun to read -- very similar to the TITP info.

If you think this looks fun, come be a volunteer with us! Contact Holly at

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Amanda said...

Love,love, love the photo.


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