Saturday, May 22, 2010

You gotta get yourself one of these!

(If you have a baby of course!)

There was a gal in our ward (Melinda) who would carry her baby around in a home-made wrap. When I knew I'd have a baby this year at TITP, I thought that could be quite beneficial. I just didn't know how to do it (you can't carry a Pioneer baby around in a Baby Bjorn now can you?). Amazingly, one day in my blog feeds popped up directions from the Ten Cow Chick on how to do a fabric baby wrap! Whoopee!

Why look, here is a picture of Melinda with her baby at TITP! She should be a volunteer!

Here we are. Worked great.

My fabric is just some muslin. It's a little long - probably more like 6 yards (so I can shorten it if it starts to bug me), and slightly narrow, probably about 23" wide (I just ripped a big piece of muslin down the middle, then stitched my short ends together -- I haven't even hemmed it yet, maybe I won't! I was a little nervous about ripping all that fabric considering I've never put baby in this type of implement).

The Ten Cow Chick says 5 yards by 30", which would probably be just about right, I just didn't take time or have the supplies to get it right quickly (I did this at about 7 a.m. this morning before going to TITP).

I also tied mine opposite of the way she does it as to have my knot in front.


Amanda said...

very cool

sandra said...

your baby looks very content ,hope it worked out well for both of you :-)


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