Friday, June 11, 2010

Elizabeth Stewart Clark Girls' Dress Size 4

I'm really excited about this dress. I made it with Elizabeth Stewart Clark's Girls' Dress patterns, size 4, and it fits me! Too bad I'm not a Pioneer girl. I kind of want to wear it around the house. I'm about 5'4".

When one of our old neighbor's daugters wanted to come up to TITP with us this year, I thought I'd better come up with some girl clothing for her to borrow. I'm also going to loan it to one of the girls going on trek -- so I didn't make it fancy at all (not that I make anything real fancy).

I was actually going to make it with long sleeves, but ran out of fabric! I'd gotten the fabric from my aunt who is selling her house and getting rid of things, so I couldn't choose the yardage :).

I did bring the neckline (sides/top of the shoulder) in 1.5" because I knew the girls borrowing it won't want to be pushing their straps under the whole time they're wearing it.

Not that you're counting, but I wanted to space the buttons very close, like you're supposed to. I measured it all out and was one button short, so I spaced the buttons a little further apart.

When I started sewing on the buttons, I realized I had one extra. Apparently it was too much before 7:00 this morning when I counted my buttons. I thought I needed 9 when I only needed 8, which is what I had! Oh well. Now I have one extra button.

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Mary said...

This dress is so cute. I know all the young girls I know (and myself ) would wear it around town and to church. It is way to darling for just reenacting.


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