Monday, August 16, 2010

Are they Petticoats or Pettiskirts?

At training this year at TITP I heard the term pettiskirt.  I assumed it was supposed to be the same as a petticoat.  I checked with Elizabeth Stewart Clark and it's not a term she's run across in period sources.  More common terms for a petticoat, according to Liz, would be underskirts, or even just skirts (The Dressmaker's Guide, 153).  Perhaps "pettiskirt" is just a combination of "petticoat" and "underskirt"?

For additional concise details on petticoats, see Liz's FREE Basic Petticoat Pattern as well as my Petticoat post.

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Sonja said...

I have no clue. You are quite the seamstress. I loved meeting Emily and seeing Sam again. They are such an amazing couple. I wish we even lived closer to them. You look awesome.!


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