Saturday, November 6, 2010

Elizabeth Stewart Clark Links

Hi everyone!  Liz Clark changed her web site and I have not yet updated my links.  So sorry!  So, when you click my links to her site, you'll probably get a page not found.  Just go to her main site and do a search for what I've referred to for the time being.  Most patterns will be found in the "Compendium."


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Thanks for posting that.

Liz C said...

I must apologize for the broken links, too... we were trying to do an overall referral, so all the old pages would automatically go to their new locations on the new site, but so far, no joy on getting it to work properly.

All of the free patterns links Emily has shared will be found in the Compendium section; all of the children's patterns, and The Dressmaker's Guide, are in the Marketplace section.

Emily, thanks so much for sending people over my direction--they're always the nicest people! :)

Emily said...

Thanks, Liz!

Megan said...

I've spent two days just reading through everything. I love your site! Thank you so much for taking the time to put all this together!

Darlene said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with Elizabeth Stewart Clark, but did you know that the barn at TITP burned again? Also, a guy who was a manager there or something like that was dismissed for embezzlement? Thought you'd be interested.


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