Sunday, May 12, 2013

To Snood or Not to Snood?

Since joining The Civilian Civil War Closet Facebook group, I've learned some more information about snoods/hair nets with ribbons.  Rather than writing a new post, I'm just updating this old one.


2011: I'm trying to figure out what to do with my very short hair this year for This Is the Place.  I wondered if a snood might be my answer.  I wanted to be sure, though, before I did anything dumb, so I sent Liz Clark my question.

Of course she replied in very good time; and not only that, she put a full post regarding snoods on her site!!

Basically -- in a very brief nutshell, the "snood" part is really the ribbon, not the net, and a snood is something that would really be worn by the upper classes, not the working classes.  So, a snood may not be the thing for me.

2013 update: According to some new Facebook friends from the Civilian Civil War Closet group, the net should be very close in color to one's own hair.

Here is a good picture of a hair net with ribbon from my new Facebook friend Isabella G. (used with permission).

Also, here's one from Ashley Goldsmith's Etsy shop.

I hear you can also find them at Sally Beauty or the Maddhatter or Victorian Lace on Facebook for around $1.00.

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Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading the blog link.
Thanks for sharing.
Let's get Snoody!!!!


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