Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pioneer Heritage Company

At the trek training on Saturday I met some nice people from Pioneer Heritage Company.  They sure were sharp.  When I met Dianna, I thought, now why am I giving this presentation on clothing, and not her!?  Anyway, PHC is very up on historic accuracy, and thought you might like a link to their site.  Maybe I can get involved with them sometime!


Dennis Knox said...

I am Dennis Knox and a member of the Pioneer Heritage Company and see that you might like to get involved with us. We have some events coming up in Provo and Sandy. If you would like to come by and see us to learn more about us we would love to have you stop by. Give me a call and I can go over the two upcoming events with you and see if they mesh with your schedule. My phone number is 8091-580-1441.

Dennis Knox said...

the phone number should be 801-580-1441


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