Saturday, March 9, 2013

Size 7/8/9 Liz Clark Girl's Dress

It is AMAZING what you can get done when you don't clean the house and when you get off the computer!  We are planning on doing TITP again this year and the kids needed a few things.

Actually, my son needed new everything.  I tried that 15-minute shirt and it worked; I had fun with it.  I got him new pants at the DI, and now he may need a new vest because his old vest really clashes with the new shirt.

D2 (daughter 2) needed new drawers, so I pulled out an old elastic-waist pants pattern and made her some from that.  After I did that, I realized I actually own Liz' Clark's girls' underpinnings patterns!  I'd totally forgotten.  So much for being authentic!

D3 fits into all the old stuff from D1 & D2, so she's good to go.

D1 is the one who needed an overhaul.  Surprisingly though, her old, old, old drawers from TITP year 2 still fit her when taken down.  She needed a new petticoat and dress though.  I whipped up the petticoat, then had super fun making a new dress.

First, I got the inspiration from this picture from Mrs. G at Earthly Angels.  It was so hard to choose!

It's a little big on her, but that's okay!  I used Liz's Girls' Dresses size 2 pattern.


Mrs. G said...

The dress and the model look beautiful! I especially love the sleeve detail, so pretty and feminine.

Rachel said...

Busy busy busy! I am excited for you to be at the park again. Sounds so so great.

Amy said...

Hi Emily! I wanted to ask you a few questions about some of the caps you made and blogged about but I can't find any contact info for you. Can you send me a note at I just wanted to ask you about some details on how your infant caps came out.


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