Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Play Like a Pioneer

This year at TITP we've been playing games with the visitors.  We've been assigned to do jump roping in the street, but there are often not a lot of kids around to jump rope with (the jump rope is huge!) and it's a little hard to jump rope while holding the baby.  So, as I've wandered around the village with my own kids, I take a pocketful of pioneer toys/games to play with the visitors.

Here's what goes in my pocket:

We haven't played marbles yet this year, but the kids like the top, and the buzz saw (button on a string) that spins.  It was really fun pretending that the helicopter looking thing was a lie detector (I'll find out its name)!  The button on the really long string is for Button-button, Who's Got the Button?  That's fun to use when there's a group of kids standing around and everyone takes a piece of the string, then you pass the button from hand to hand while one person tries to guess who's hand it's under.  I picked up the ball & cup toy yesterday at the Museum of Church History & Art.  I could have also bought several other things, and easily spent $30 on childrens' games.

While we were at the museum store, I saw this little book:

I had to have it!  I don't HAVE to have a lot of stuff, but I needed this!  The book explains Tug of War, Button on a String, Card Games, Cat's Cradle, Cup & Ball, Dice Games, Dominoes, Checkers, Fox & Geese, Graces (my mom has one of these from Williamsburg and we LOVE it!), Hoop & Roll, Hopscotch, Hornbook, Battledore & Shuttlecock, Jacks, Jump Rope (with some rhymes), Marbles, Nine-Men's Morris, Nine Pins, Pick-Up Sticks, Quoits, Shinny, Solitaire, Thaumatrope, Tit-tat-toe, Twirling a Plate, Tops, and Yo-yo.  The booklet is 28 pages long.

The Museum also had many activities & games for children:

Stitching Sampler & Cross-Stitch


Assorted Dolls

 Buzz Saw

Tatting/Button Lover's

 Hooey Stick/Jacob's Ladder

Chalk Board Set/Jump Rope Set


Quilt Set


Triangle (not sure what that was)

Cup & Ball
Weaving/Cat's Cradle

Pick-Up Sticks

Hopscotch/Penny Whistle

It looked like most of the games were from Historical Folk Toys, and a lot of the information about the toys is on the web site, including the history.

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Abigail said...

I had to leave this post, my first time reading it, because I want so much to go buy everything in the museum store! Thankfully for our bank account, our car is dead so we can't make it to salt lake yet, hopefully we will before they change exibits, especially since two of my kids have yet to go there ever.

Anyway. I love your blog. I never comment. But it makes me happy to read it. I think our Christmas present for our family this year will be a TITP pass. I have never been there but it is so some where I know I will love.


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