Sunday, July 20, 2014

Get Your Trek On

I helped a neighbor girl get her skirt and apron ready. It took about four hours. She did a good job:

Evan and I had to dress up for a fireside, so I made Evan a cravat so he'd look a little more official. I don't know if it's right, but I worked with what I had (70ish inches long by 2" wide). The fabric is, of course, not right because it's cotton and not starched; I don't know if royal blue is an option. He's not actually wearing the shirt, vest, or cravat on trek, but I hoped by wearing it to the fireside we'd inspire some to get a bit more creative with their clothes. People were shocked that one might actually wear something similar to this in 1856. They thought it was really loud, but so is Evan.

When you make the pic black and white, it doesn't look too bad.

1 comment:

Sarah W said...

Great initiative! No way to get people's interest piqued as showing them how it can (should ;) ) be done.


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