Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Kerchief

Rather than taking a modern bandana on trek to cover my neck, I wanted to try getting more authentic. I can't even remember where I found my information, but I found a kerchief looked something like this:

I probably got some of my info from Liz Clark's document, "Defining the Work Dress," specifically:

Often the dress is worn with a neckerchief in place of a collar 
during work. This kerchief can be folded and knotted around
the neck, with the fabric tucked beneath the neckline to absorb 
sweat and grime, and is easily removed and rinsed, used as an 
impromptu wash cloth, and easily laundered as needed. White 
is common, as most prints will fade quickly when used as a

The dimensions of the sides on the one picture above are close to 30"; I'd also read measurements of 29", 30", and 31", I believe.  Although I didn't have anything pretty like this, I did have a piece left over from this dress I made for my 8 year old.

I had to piece my fabric together, but I came up with this:

I finished roll-hemming it on the bus just in time using the technique I learned from Liz Clark at one of her classes. The kerchief worked great, too. I didn't have any sunburns -- only a little on my face from the day we played in the Sweetwater.

I had enough fabric to make a second, but ran out of time. I really would have liked to wear it over my hear because I looked like this on the bus ride home:

My hair was DISGUSTING.

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