Friday, May 24, 2019

Documenting Trek Preparations

I know A LOT of people going on trek this year. Knowing that they'll need clothing, I thought I'd try to use up my surplus fabric by making aprons and trek skirts while teaching my nine-year old how to sew. It was mostly successful; her attention span was pretty good. She was good at doing side seams and hems, while I did ironing, pockets, gathering, and anything else that was a little trickier. Once we used up the more period fabric, I started pulling out any fabric scraps that were big enough. Neighbors even started giving me MORE fabric! Oh dear!


Skirts (yes, I know pioneers didn't wear these ;) )
My favorite is the red and green plaid!!!! When I pleated it, it turned out SO AMAZING! If I ever make myself another dress, it's going to be plaid.

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