Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So you may wonder where I get all my Pioneer fabric. The Bernina store in Centerville moved up to Ogden, so they cleared out as much of their fabric as they could. I went several times and bought as much of their Civil War fabric as I could afford (plus notions). I spent at least $150, but this is what I got (plus the fabric for the things I've already made!)

Some web sites that sell reproduction fabric are and

The William Booth, Draper site seems to explain a lot of history regarding fabric.


Haylee said...

Hey Emily!! That is crazy that your bro-in-law owned the house! Thanks for helping re-model the fireplace!! Looks great! Now Heather is helping me everyday with a few of our own remodeling projects :)

Becky said...

how the heck have i gone so long without knowing you had a blog!

I love.

you are so talented! This is really neat stuff. I can't wait to learn more!

...just added you to my feed!

Hailey said...

Looks like you love to stash fabric as much as I do! I have even occasionally found good stuff at the D.I. (Like some red velvet for that girl's cloak...)


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