Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls' Cloak

I used McCalls Costumes 2854 to make this cloak out of flannel. I thought it would be cold in May this year like it was last year, but it wasn't, so we didn't need the cloak for TITP. My little girl calls it her "Little Red Riding Hood Cloak," even though it is not red!


Amanda said...

I love it, so pretty.
My favorite type of clothing to sew are costumes of every kind but especially Renaissance and pioneer styles. I developed a passion for sewing beginning at age 15. I only stopped for the mission...and even then I managed to make a shirt for one of the elders. Sometimes to decompress from a stressful day in the mission field I would construct something in my mind's eye. It's so nice to know someone else that also enjoys sewing so much. You rock!

Hailey said...

I love the cloak! Do you think I could borrow the pattern, or come over and cut it out at your house?


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