Monday, November 2, 2009

How to Dress Like a Pioneer

The most extensive and seemingly most up-to-date on-line information I've found is by Elizabeth Stewart Clark (I only say seemingly because I haven't done any research on my own, so I can't verify it ;-)). In fact, you probably found this blog only because it was so easily Googlealbe. Liz's info is mainly in PDF format, so it's a bit harder to search.

As she's a dressmaking instructor and historic pattern designer, she's done some great research. If you visit her Sewing Academy Compendium, you can find information on how to dress like a Pioneer in warm and cold weather:

  • Babies
  • Girls - For an example of what I've made with her patterns, click here or here.
  • Boys
  • Teens
  • Women - For an example of what I've made with her patterns, click here or here.
She has more information specifically regarding treks on for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Girls
Both of Liz's links above have additional information that you may find very useful, regarding choosing patterns, clothing fit, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

The patterns/companies listed on my patterns for purchase link also seem to be historically accurate, but then you have to buy the pattern to see what they have to say!

Additionally, The Workwoman's Guide, which I found on Google books, is a book published in 1840 by "A Lady." It is pretty hard for me to understand a lot of the sewing terminology, but it gives patterns for how to make tons of stuff.

Westville has some quick guidelines on dress for both men and women.

Costume of the California Goldrush seems to have some good stuff, too.

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