Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sites of Interest

Here are some sites I like with clothing information & more.

Sewing Resources

The Sewing Academy (Fabric Spots, Pattern Makers, Dressmakers & Milliners, Great Resources, Groups) (Elizabeth Stewart Clark)

The Fashionable Past
Tutorials/patterns, examples, etc.

A Day in 1862
Free infant patterns on the sidebar!!

Living History Locations
Westville (Georgia)

Old Sturbridge Village

Fun Blogs

Sew & Sow Beautiful examples!

Revisiting the Romantic Era (for inspiration - a little early, but still fun to see)

Earthly Angels (fantastic photos from the era - more inspiration)

The Graceful Lady (old pictures to look at)

Pastoral Symphony Farm (more sewing examples!)

The Young Campaigner

The Story of a Seamstress (so fun!)

Abiti Antichi - inspiration

Period Books
The Workwoman's Guide, 1840

The Hand-Book of Dress-Making,  Mrs. M. J. Howell, 1845

Godey's Lady's Book, 1850

Godey's Lady's Book excerpts (dress instruction link) and Samples Collection, 1855 - 1860

Young Englishwoman, 1867

English Women's Clothing in the Nineteenth Century (preview), Cunnington, 1990

The Atlantic Guard Soldiers' Aid Society

Ragged Soldier Sultery and Vintage Volumes (articles in Virginia's Veranda)

Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild

Gohn Brothers

Wisconsin Historical Society

The Pioneer Heritage Company

Intermountain Living History and Re-Enactor's Conference

Wooded Hamlet Designs/Needle and Thread

William Booth, Draper (earlier than our time frame, but still interesting)


Mormon Battalion Trek 

Romantic History Historical Clothing 

Bonny Blue

Heber Valley Civil War Weekend

Trade/Sell Kids' Re-enactment Clothing

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