Sunday, February 7, 2010


I was reading over Elizabeth Stewart Clark's guide on dressing infants, and in it, she refers to The Workwoman's Guide. I Googled that and found it in Google Books! So awesome! Page 16 talks about babies!

The book was first published in 1838, and then again in 1840, which is a little before the time period I need, but it's pretty close (Mormon Pioneers were first in the SL valley in 1847). I'll just have to pretend that some of our clothing is hand-me-downs from older children.

I saw a post somewhere else that listed some other related Google Books -- I'll have to check these out . . . someday.
Health Husbandry and Handicraft
The Sampler: A System of Teaching Plain Needlework in Schools
The Boys Own Toymaker
The Girls Own Toymaker
The Girls Own Book
Etiquette for all
Etiquette, Social Ethics and the Courtesies of Society
Hints on Etiquette....
The Hand Book of Etiquette
The Lady's Companion
The Laws of Etiquette...
How to Do It (covers needlework to carving to water cure)
Forty years of American Life (3 versions)

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Mary said...

I so love my " The Workwoman's Guide." I sew using it more then I do any reproduction patterns. You do a wonderful job reproducing the clothing.


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