Sunday, April 11, 2010

If the Pioneers Did It . . .

I went to the first session of our seasonal training at TITP yesterday. They told us they'd like us to park as far away as we can so that the guests can get the better parking spots. Fine, but I'm a bit concerned because I'm going to have to carry a baby, lunches and waters for 4, toys, and blankets for probably 2 (my kids are very attached to their blankets). They can carry a little bit of the stuff, but they are still pretty small themselves.

Now I'm not a wimp, it's just a bit far when you're not a pack horse (and I don't wan to injure myself (done that before)). In fact, when I was very pregnant with our son, neighbors thought I was slightly crazy to be weeding the yard. My motto was, "If the Pioneers did it . . ." [so can I].

I am checking to see if TITP is granting permission to "handicapped" mothers like me with small children, but I'm also willing to walk with all that stuff if I can get some sort of a wagon (because "if the Pioneers did it . . .).

Making the box part doesn't seem so difficult, it's the wheels I'm concerned about. If you have anything that would work (either just wheels or a whole wagon), I'm willing to trade clothing items.

Any suggestions on how to build a mini-wagon/handcart for carrying a baby and lunches?

My great-something grandpa, Ben Driggs, had a mini-wagon. It would be fun to have one, too.


Amanda said...

Wow, wish I had a solution for ya. Good luck. Hmmm, can you use a regular wagon but cover it with muslin or something?

Misty said...

I know it's not authentic, but for a kids wagon, this is what we did for a Primary Pioneer Day activity. We had a red, plastic radio flyer wagon with the pop up seats. At Taget they sold a sun shade that attached to the wagon. That alone made it look like a Pioneer wagon. Next, take a white sheet and wrap it around the sun shade. I've also seen people take swimming noodles wrapped with fabric and stuck inside of a wagon.
Hope that helps!


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