Monday, July 19, 2010

Bonnet for the Member of the Society of Friends

These bonnets are made of black, white, grey, or fawn coloured silk. They are cut out as follows:—
For the pattern of the poke, Fig. 6, let your paper be doubled at D, which part must be four nails and
a half long; from A to B is three nails and three quarters; slope off the front at the corner. For the
crown, Fig. 5, let the doubled part, D, be eight nails long, and from C to E is four nails and a half; it is
gradually sloped from F, as in the Plate.
In making up, run the pieces cut for the outside and lining together at the edge, on the wrong side, and having turned them, slip in the pasteboard; plait the front of the crown into the poke in very small exact folds, leaving it quite plain for some distance above the ears; make a narrow runner behind of one nail and a half in depth, to form a curtain, and put on ribbon strings the same colour as the bonnet .

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Mrs. G said...

I have really enjoyed looking around your blog, I do historic sewing too so it's always enjoyable to get inspiration from others who do the same!



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