Sunday, March 27, 2011

18-month Baby Dress

I ordered Liz Clark's Infant Gowns patten recently and have been having too much fun.  You know me, I can't just make one of something, I have to try everything!  The inspiration for the first came from Earthly Angels:

I should have made the waistband a little narrower, and it's still a little long, and we could wear a few petticoats underneath, but I'm really pleased!  Maybe it was just the cute little girl that drew me toward this one, maybe it was the dress.

She actually stood still for the picture!

Yes, those are wooden buttons, which were probably not too common on little girls' dresses, but I just have so many wooden buttons and I need to use them up!  Metal buttons, hooks & eyes, or fabric covered buttons would have been a better option.


Amanda said...


Liz C said...

Cute as a button; you've got the scale on the sleeves just right for her size. Making the waistband more narrow is not hard to do; if you're not up for taking the bodice off the band, make a 1/2" or 3/4" fold in the waistband (both inner and outer) and bring that fold right up to the seam that joins bodice and band. Whip it down firmly on the inside and outside, and you'll have narrowed the band without having to do anything else to the dress. A couple of little petticoats under, and she's perfect!! Great job!


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