Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Stop at Sutter's Fort

My husband I took a very quick trip to Sacramento and Chico a couple days ago (so he could defend his project/thesis).  We had a great time visiting Sutter's Fort, and even though it's not sewing, I thought I'd post a few pictures of our adventure.  I was impressed by the program they have for 4th graders every Tuesday and Thursday.

The 4th graders all have to come up with their own clothing for the event.  They can't put modern coats over, only layer under when they are cold.  The kids participated in such activities as basket weaving, making yarn, cloth weaving, washing, working with leather, and other jobs.  We also saw some learning about guns.  The kids earn "money" for the jobs they do and can buy things at the "store."  The kids even stay the night!  Some kids stay up as guards.  We heard someone was scheduled to "break in" to the fort and the kids have to catch him and put him in the jail.

Parents, who also dress up, volunteer throughout the day; everyone, including the parents, does jobs, such as make dinner for the feast that night.  Parents also have to stay the night with the kids!

These moms were making butter for dinner.  The dads were roasting the turkey (and some other meat) for turkey stew.

One accidental treat we also had on this trip was to go to Sacramento City Dry Goods in "Old Sac."   We were walking around "Old Sac" and my husband turned and saw some mid-century clothing and said, "You've got to see this!"  I had so much fun looking at corset kits, corsets, hats, and other items.  I was so tempted to buy some boning and a busk for a corset, but I didn't know what size I'd need.  So sad since it was so accessible!


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