Thursday, March 17, 2011

How should I fix my little girls' hair?

Well, from what I can tell, it's actually easier than you think!  I've always tried little braids and pigtails for my daughter, but since we're not endowed with much hair in this family, it doesn't work so well.

I believe it was in one of Liz Clark's many documents on dressing children that she mentioned just parting the hair down the middle and slicking it down, cut short.

I was looking through Earthly Angels for some new toddler dress ideas and noticed so many of the girls wear their hair this way.

An example from the site:

Now wait a second...  is that three little girls or two little girls and a boy on the left?  Well, I'm beginning to notice that all the little girls' hair is parted in the center (or no part at all -- just combed back); whereas, the little boys' hair is parted on the side, even though they may be in dresses!  The little boys in dresses just signifies that they are not yet potty-trained!  Getting pants must have been a rite of passage!


Amanda said...

I am loving the dress on the little girl in the middle. I wonder what color it was. I bet you could make that dress. Oh, such talent.

Mrs. G said...

It might not seen "right" to our modern eyes, but short hair really was the thing for mid-century girls. I have very few CdVs of girls with long hair, I think I own 1 though I've seen a few dags with long haired girls, they are really the minority. A cloth headband is a great way to keep the hair out of their face with the style you're going for. And pomade, pomade is your friend! ;-)

Emily said...

Now I want to have my hair like this!! It would be perfect for me. Can I just say I had a disease and it fell out? ;)

Liz C said...

There was a really short fad in the early 60s for short hair on stylish women (mostly late teens, early 20s, though, unmarried).

I know what you mean, though: short modern hair, not so much of it. It's SOOOO much fun getting it put up for mid-century. I think that's why I like 40s and 50s stuff; a daycap is a good option for me, and they don't have to be as frilly as they get in the later 50s and 60s.

Another option on boy's hair that I love is the mid-century faux hawk: parts on each side of the head, and the center hair pomaded and swirled into a little topknot thing, very, very like the soft faux hawks some little boys have now! So if you see a bitty person with a BLOOP up on top, that's a boy style. :)


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