Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toddler Pinafore

Baby needed a new pinafore this year. I used Elizabeth Stewart Clark's FREE 1-2-3 Pinafore insturctions.  I used a full strip of 45" fabric.  I was so good to line up my plaid at the side seams, then forgot to on the pockets!!  Now that's going to bug me since I could have actually done a very good job.

Baby was asleep when I needed to measure the neckline, so I guessed WAY too big.  Rather than taking the neckline all out, I fixed it by using a long needle with a large eye (my needle isn't very blunt, but a blunt needle would be good), secured a string at one end of the neck binding (on the inside) by making a few loops over each other, ran the string through the neck binding, pulled a little to scrunch the fabric (like gathering), and secured at the other end with a few more loops to tighten it up.

This project took around 2 hours.
Baby with the way to big neckline!
She won't stand still for a picture.  Got a good back shot of her running away!
Caught her off guard when she turned around!

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Amanda said...

Adorable photos. Don't worry about the plaid. Most people don't even notice stuff like that unless you point it out.


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