Friday, August 19, 2011

Pioneer Day Parade

Yeah, so this is a bit late in coming, but I wanted to stick it somewhere and thought this would be a good place.  We were in one of our local parades this year (again!) and I got my picture in the Deseret News online.  I'm looking a little dreamy, I think.  The photographer took a bunch of pictures of the kids, so I thought they'd get in, but no, it was me!


JDConwell said...

What a beautiful lady! :~) I hope you're as happy and content as you seem in this picture.

Pam said...

Hi Emily,

I've been perusing your blog quite a bit lately since I'm helping my husband on a new series of paintings and your blog is a terrific resource. I went up to Heritage Park this weekend and got a bit of a brainstorm. Can you email me? alvarezps @ or the link on my profile. Thanks so much.


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