Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pregnancy, Maternity Dresses, & Wrappers

Yes, I'm pregnant, expecting, with child.  Here we go again.  I wasn't planning on needing to dress up anytime soon, but have had the opportunity.  I kind of like this dress the way it is:
and don't want to switch it back to this:
I think it would drown me right now anyway.

So, I thought I'd make something new -- in 3 days.  Yup. I'm crazy.

I promised myself I wouldn't make another dress until I made myself some proper undergarments -- i.e. a corset!  But, I'm really not wanting a maternity corset:

From A Day in 1862

However, I had Past Patterns Wrapper pattern
and knew that wrappers could be appropriate for maternity wear, but knew they were also known as an "undress" (something you don't wear out in public).  From what I understand, it's basically a dressing gown or a robe.

Rather than research it all myself, I e-mailed dear Liz Clark and she gave me some fast tips.  I hope she doesn't mind me posting them here so they don't get lost in all my e-mails -- plus, they may benefit you!

"Wrappers for wrapper-use are generally done in wools, with wool or silk facings [doesn't this make you think of a fancy robe?]. But wrappers for maternity use are done in normal dress fabrics (including cotton prints), and look pretty much like dresses, only with a loose, designed-to-be-belted front. So, they're two different creatures."

and Liz also explained 2 other maternity options:

1.  ". . .making a normal dress with a larger waist, and running some drawing cords inside the waistband in front. . ."

2.  "You could also do a modified dress: use the fitted back and full back skirts, and the upper part of your bodice pattern to create a fitted yoke. Then cut the lower half of the front armscye into a long rectangle of fabric, and gather the rest of the upper edge to fit the yokes, then finish off the front with a placket that goes down into the skirt area. Add a self-fabric belt in the side seams (with multiple hooks for expansion), sew the side seams, and you have a yoked-front, loose-front gown with a fitted, full-skirted back and endless bump expansion. Works best with slighter busts, but it makes a dress that's very versatile all through pregnancy, still looks nice from the back, and accommodates nursing, too."

I really, really liked that 2nd option, but just didn't have time to figure it all out.

As I was sewing I ran across some fun pictures of work from others.

These looked more like robe/dressing-gown wrappers to me:
(the inspiration for the above dress:)

And these looked more maternity-ish:

This one is my very, very favorite.


So, with that, I was off to build my own.


God*n*Me3 said...

congrats on the pregnancy. :) such a blessing!!!

Amy said...

Dear me, I completely missed your announcement! I can tell I've been "off" blogging for too long. Congratulations on your new little babe, and heaps of blessings.

I adored my wrapper when I was pregnant. And I never ended up finishing my maternity corset...I think by the time I was planning a reenactment, I was really too big for it anyway. The wrapper was the way to go for me. :)

I'm so very happy for you! ::hugs::


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