Monday, November 2, 2009

Free Patterns

I think this will be my most important post. FREE HISTORIC PATTERNS! Who wants to pay for a pattern anyway? I've found some free ones out there, but you'll want to determine if they're historically accurate enough for the interpretation you need.

The Sewing Academy (Elizabeth Stewart Clark):
Slatted Sunbonnet


    Basic Petticoat - example
      (white would be a better color)
      Bust Pads
      Pinafores - example

          Mormon (more Elizabeth Stewart Clark):

          Sunbonnet (same as above) - example
          Petticoats (same as above) - example
          Apron - example

              Second Wisconsin:
              Men's Shirt/Woman's Blouse
                Frontier Work Shirt (can't find the original URL anymore): - example

                A Day in 1862 (Amy):
                Infant chemise & sacque (on her sidebar)

                      Romantic History Historical Clothing (Sarah):

                          1860's Basic Bodice for a Child's Dress, 3T - coming soon

                                      Fanny & Vera:

                                      Quick & Dandy Drawers (you may be more satisfied with Liz Clark's drawers, though)
                                        The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion:

                                        Jackets, Mantles



                                          Godey's Lady's Book (for a real challenge!):

                                            The Workwoman's Guide (Google books):

                                                    My Patterns:

                                                    Also see my tutorials link in case I missed anything!
                                             (ideas for Trek)

                                                      Baby Shoes:

                                                      The Young Campaigner:

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                                                        Amanda said...

                                                        Cool, thanks for posting these free patterns. I will definitely check them out.


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